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14 September, 2017

Tatyana (Moscow)

I place orders abroad three or four times a year, and now I will work only with your company.



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18 September, 2020. Chelyabinsk

Tsuyoshi Hozumi

This is 2nd time to use for my important presents to important person. Both were so appreciated by receiver with flowers quality and good delivery!!! Thanks mega flowers !!

07 September, 2020. Chelyabinsk

Nikolay Kumpel

Great service, very patient and professional stuff, sharp delivery exact on time , fresh flowers . Good job and continue this way!

Nikolay Kumpel

06 September, 2020. Chelyabinsk

Wayne Wrzos

Always professional and excellent service from Megaflowers, the products are always well presented and delivered on time. Only florist I use for my special family in Russia.

01 September, 2020. Khabarovsk

Ken Wong

I love the many varieties and choices to please my woman with.

Valley of Roses
Valley of Roses
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27 August, 2020. Sochi


The flowers were beautiful and delivered quickly.

Champagne Splashes
Champagne Splashes
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27 August, 2020. Volgograd


Не в первый раз обращаюсь к услугам компании и всегда остаюсь довольна. Моментальный ответ при поступлении заказа, отслеживание доставки, красивое оформление букета. Даже в ситуациях недоступности сезонных цветов флористы подбирали очень красивую замену в похожей палитре. При условии, что я обычно делаю поздний заказ, мне очень нравится быстрая скорость его выполнения. Спасибо, очень выручаете

19 August, 2020. Omsk


I am highly impressed with the service that I received. I placed an order from South Africa and it was delivered within four hours. They were helpful on their support messenger beyond what I had expected

Ice and Flames
Ice and Flames
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16 August, 2020. Krasnoyarsk

Matt Winson

Third time I’ve used them and they came through once again. Great job!

15 August, 2020. Irkutsk


Excellent service. Beauty arrangements. Fast delivery. Kind price. Unfortunately, my short message was not submitted with a card as ordered. Maybe because it was written in German. However, the flowers completely met my expectations. Thank you very much.

24 August, 2020
Quality Service Department of Megaflowers
Dear Mr. Klenke,Thank you for your review on our website. We are glad to find that you were satisfied with our service generally and we are so sorry for the postcard mistake! We have done a big work with our staff to escape such situations in the future and kindly ask you to accept our apology coupon which was emailed you. We hope so much to see you among our customers in the future and we are so sorry once again.Looking forward to seeing you!Sincerely yours,Megaflowers Company

12 August, 2020. Kaluga

Zacharias Georgiou

Very good service

Warm Feelings
Warm Feelings
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